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Updated on 07/01/2020

  • This Privacy Policy applies to all ProTrak LLC (or “ProTrak”) websites. The main ProTrak website is protrak.co and the list includes all subdomains for getprotrak.com and protrak.co
  • ProTrak may collect information about the visitors of its websites and users of its services, including in some cases Personal Identifiable Information (PII). ProTrak aims to collect only information freely provided by the visitors and users of its services.
  • PII is always provided by the user and never inferred or otherwise extracted by the application.
  • Currently, ProTrak does not set cookies on the visitor’s computer for tracking purposes. Cookies may be used for non-tracking purposes, for example, a “remember me” cookie to skip logins on an authenticated device.
  • All additional data collected is automatically generated server logs from our web servers.
  • During Open Beta, ProTrak will use LogRocket to collect extra information on bugs and other errors that the ProTrak team needs to fix.
  • ProTrak will always strive to use standard and current encryption techniques to mask user’s sensitive data collected. However, this might not prevent a hack, or guarantee that user data will not be made public by bad actors. Visitors of all ProTrak websites accept this risk.
  • Users will always have the right to delete information they have granted ProTrak in the past. ProTrak will make reasonable efforts to wipe all data associated with a visitor when requested, ASAP. Requests to remove personal data previously granted to ProTrak can be directed to privacy@protrak.co.
  • ProTrak, under its current ownership and management, commits not to sell any collected identifiable user data to third parties.
  • ProTrak reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. ProTrak will make all reasonable efforts to inform its users and website visitors when changes are made to this policy.
  • In the event of ProTrak being acquired (change of ownership) new owners will inherit and take responsibility for all the user’s data collected. A new owner might also make changes to this Privacy Policy. ProTrak will make all reasonable efforts to inform the visitors before any eventual acquisition is finalized.
  • This Privacy Policy is in effect when and in the format posted publicly on the main ProTrak website (protrak.co/privacy).
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