Autodesk And Protrak Team Up To Solve General Contractors Problems

Posted on 01/04/2021

Technology changed the way construction crews work. The ability to snap a picture showing progress on the job site or documenting issues is now a key process. Crew and managers communicate via text message, plus multiple apps. Emails back and forth with clients complete the flow. Back at the office projects are tracked with various spreadsheets and file storage. That is great, but clearly fragmented, making it easy to lose track of critical information. What if all information about a project, from the crew, to budget, to client communication, was in one unified, easy to find place? ProTrak (getprotrak.com) is that place, especially if your company is medium or small, and doesn't operate with a “big enterprise” software budget.

ProTrak is a complete project and communications tool for general contractors. ProTrak saves you money by saving you time: all your projects, suppliers, and clients on a unified dashboard. All the communications are aggregated using a familiar newsfeed format, that your crew know and love from social apps. There, you can quickly identify progress and issues. Flexible and modular, ProTrak adjusts to your needs and allows your business to grow without having to worry about expensive and hard to use software. There is nothing to install or run: all your information is always available when you login at ProTrak using your browser.

Better yet, ProTrak is now completely integrated with Autodesk' Construction Cloud. This integration allows full access to all of ProTrak's features through the BIM 360 platform. For all ProTrak users that also use Autodesk’s BIM 360 it is possible now to seamlessly check on projects using ProTrak, and keep on site updates from your team as well as client updates easily viewable without leaving BIM.

About this integration, Jonatan Alava, ProTrak co-founder, commented: “We selected Autodesk's Construction Cloud due to the completeness of their offering.' Further, Jonatan added that “BIM allows you full management and tracking for the office, while ProTrak let's you keep progress from sub contractors, updates to clients and supplier management under control in a user friendly fashion. It was clearly a complementary choice.'

Check out ProTrak now at https://www.getprotrak.com/. The first month is free, so you can kick the tires and see how much time you can save when everyone is on the same page about the job.

About ProTrak
ProTrak is made by ProTrak LLC, a subsidiary of HelloBuild LLC. We developed ProTrak after talking with multiple contractors and hearing the same complaints: communication and information about a job was all over the place: email, text, WhatsApp, you name it. And although technology helps, it also makes it very easy to misplace key pieces of information, delaying communication and creating friction between the company and clients. ProTrak aims to solve that problem, at a price point that is extremely affordable for small and medium size businesses.
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